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2021-08-30 16:59:49 (UTC)

Two tone mission

It's 6 pm and im still painting. Spent the morning making templates so I could match the curvature of the stairs wood edging, to paint the bottom half of the ginormous wall the colour white. Leaving the rest above it the deep blue, that extends 20ft up. 🙄 That mission I care to forget, lol.

It wasn't my plan. My plan today was to fit the curtain rail on the inside wall of the stair footing and curve and hang the long white drape. Then I was going to drill the fittings to hang the four new framed artwork we bought.

But no, I was obviously not finished with the stair walls, and came up with an idea that would give it more style and to be frank it's actually been feng shui'd now, which is never a bad thing. Much better than straight lines, which I find boring. Now the break between the deep blue and white are mimicking the curve of the stairs. I've one more coat of white to apply.

The other jobs will have to be done tomorrow. In amongst being a taxi driver for my daughter.

I read more of "The Pilgrims Progress" last night in bed, until I couldn't stay awake any longer. It's an interesting book, thought provoking but still a fictional religious story beginning with John Bunyan writing as it was a his dream of a man that sought heaven and went on a journey by direction of an evangelist.

It's certainly an interesting fact alone that I am reading this book. Being that it is religion based but the backbone of it does direct to God, even though it is based on theology of the Bible which is manmade and means fuck all to me and never will.

As a young girl if I wanted to speak to God, to spirit, I would. In my own space, at any time, anywhere. I never understood why people listened to.priests, vicar's, reverands and went to churches to pray and sing. Why not just have a chat with God at home? I've always seen religion as fictional text and practices that only hindered daily life. Nobody needs churches, priests, vicar's, reverands and such to believe in God or pray. Hence, why I refused to go to churches in schooling days, hence why I've never been baptised, christened or any of the other religions. One God, for all everywhere.

But then I would say that because I've listened too, heard, felt, seen spirit since I was little. So my understanding of impossible is always possible. Just because others cannot see, hear, feel spirit as I always have, it doesn't mean spirit does not exist. It does not mean God doesn't exist.

But religion? From what I know, seen, there is no religion. Just one source for all. However, it doesn't make those people who follow religions wrong. If that brings them comfort, solace, belonging etc then it can only be good for the soul. And as it stands, you create your reality just as you create your life after physical death, be it you have a mosque, church, or whatever around you in the other dimension. It's all only how you wish it to be.

Choice is our most fundamental meaning to life.

Likely typos in time to sit comfortably, more painting to do 😉

As for America, just bring trump back even though he is dangerous. Anything is better than the pedo decrepid biden.

Also, I have a new addiction to watching a Thai girl build huts and pools and fancy shacks with only two tools and all natural resources from the land in the middle of nowhere. She is phenomenal. Here is one of her builds.

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