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I Hate High School
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2021-08-30 14:54:01 (UTC)

Back In School Back In My Cage

Hello again,

So I'm not really sure what I'm talking about in this entry as usual but I realized I never told you I'm back in school so yeah. Today is the first day of the third week and that's really it. I guess I should probably tell you about my schedule so you understand what's going on later.

8:05 - 1st period - Social Studies
A pretty normal class, I like the teacher, I'm alright at the subject, and there's nothing too interesting going on.

8:56 - 2nd period - Art
My favorite class by pretty far! The teacher always plays music like Green Day and AJR while we're working and she has half and half hair with one side being a dark natural red and the other side being a lighter natural red color. Plus I love the projects we're working on so that's a plus.

9:44 - 3rd period - Math
I have a love-hate relationship with this subject. It stresses me out and I suck at it when I don't like the type of math we're doing cause I can't focus. I like the teacher who is a fresh college grad who plays music sometimes and I like the type of math rn so it's going well.

10:32 - 4th period - PRIDE / Homeroom
Nothing too special, it's free time to "work on homework" but half the kids just play games or do anything but homework. I like to do digital art and listen to music or like right now I'm writing in my diary thingy. My science teacher also is my teacher in this class.

11:08 - 5th period - PRIDE / Homeroom
Same as last period

11:44 - 6th period - Lunch
Its lunch... I sit with Riley, Kiarra, and Vinny at a small round table.

12:20 - 7th period - Language Arts
I love language arts soooooo much! I love reading, writing, researching, all of it! The teacher is your average teacher but overall she's nice. She has these really nice quality stickers she has for prizes and I want them ALL.

1:08 - 8th period - Science
Pretty average class, with an average teacher, I'm average at it, and I neither love nor hate the subject. So literally the world's most average class.

1:56 - 9th period - Health
The overall class is alright but they're always so loud and it annoys me. They make random animal noises and it annoys me so much. My desk is right in front of the teacher with my screen facing him so that's kind of annoying. He breathes so loud, by the way, that's also annoying. The teacher never posts enough work for us yet says "this is health class sho you shouldn't be doing homework for other classes" so once you finish it's really boring.

Sorry for how long that was but I figured when I look back on this in a few years I'm gonna want to remember when my classes were and what I thought about them. Either way, I should probably go now since I have lunch soon. Bye!


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