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Semester 1-2: 2018-2019: Maris Redona Slideshow:

Songs: Do It Again, Hit Me Up, Middle Of The Nowhere, Picture To Burn, These Are Days, Because The Night, The Letter.
7/23/2018: Maris The Sassy Sexy BadAss Freshmen Transition Girlfriend in Otay Ranch High School Season
7/24/2018: Maristellar, Just keep looking.
7/25/2018: RoMaris ReUnion
7/26/2018: Just keep calling for you Maristellar
7/27/2018: Sweetheart Next Door Maristellar Period 5/Maristellar Profile and Portfolio
7/30/2018: Romantic In Love With RoMaris 5th Period All Afternoon Love
7/31/2018: Maris Got Her Heartbreak Back
8/1/2018: Will Maris' Lover will be back from Otay Ranch?
8/2/2018: Maristellar got in trouble 4 points for going inside the Boys Changing Room.
8/3/2018: Maristellar Nicotine Makes Her Heartbreak
8/6/2018: Dear Maristellar's Boyfriend....
8/7/2018: Maristellar Sucker For You
8/8/2018: Piece Of Me Maristellar
8/9/2018: Maristellar Lover Is Back
8/10/2018: The Queen Princess Next Door Actress Maristellar Redona
8/13/2018: Maristellar Redona At Your Service
8/14/2018: Latin Princess Star Maris
8/15/2018: Maristellar Photo Taken 2018-2019 Jail Pose
8/16/2018: The Sexy Model and The Photographer
8/17/2018: La Vida Maristellar
8/20/2018: To The Stars And Moon Back RoMaris are being a parenting
8/21/2018: Maristellar Gets Dodged
8/22/2018: Fear Yourself Maristellar
8/23/2018: Maristellar Will Being A Ass Drama
8/24/2018: Ghost Of You Maristellar
8/27/2018: Sweet Like Maristellar
8/28/2018: Maristellar and Her Loser Crew
8/29/2018: The Happy Girlfriend Maris Love Letter
8/30/2018: Bus Ghost Out Maristellar
8/31/2018: She Missed The Speech Therapy Maris!
9/4/2018: Tu Amore Maristellar
9/5/2018: Sweet Cute Maristellar
9/6/2018: Nobody Loves Maris
9/7/2018: Maristellar Francine Voice
9/10/2018: The Sweet AirHeads Maris
9/11/2018: Melt With Two Pieces Of Chocolate Maris
9/12/2018: Save Maristellar!
9/13/2018: The Royal Taco Princess
9/14/2018: Maris Royalty 17 Kingdom of her dreams
9/17/2018: Ignore Maristellar for her working Days
9/18/2018: Walgreens Maristellar
9/19/2018: Mango Chile Drunk RoMaris
9/20/2018: Bathroom Sex Maris
9/21/2018: Her Boobs in Boys Bathroom Maris
10/10/2018: The Sexy Princess Star Of The October Maris
10/11/2018: Get Wet For Maris
10/12/2018: Lipgloss NYX Maris
10/15/2018: Don't You Call On The Phone Maris
10/16/2018: Jane And Maris Are The Charlie's Angels
10/17/2018: Filipina Mexican Maris
10/18/2018: Sell Those Maris
10/19/2018: Maristellar As A Stripper
10/20/2018: Beware of Maristellar and Her Crew
10/22/2018: Don't Run RoMaris
10/23/2018: Mama Maris, Daddy Rolando
10/24/2018: JonMaris Stay Out In The School
10/25/2018: The Girl In Red
10/26/2018: White Roses RoMaris
10/29/2018: 11 IEP Days Left
10/30/2018: 10 IEP Days Left
10/31/2018: 9 IEP Days Left
11/01/2018: 8 IEP Days Left
11/02/2018: 7 IEP Days Left/ Let's Have Sex On ELP5 Maris
11/05/2018: 4 IEP Days Left
11/06/2018: 3 IEP Days Left
11/07/2018: 2 IEP Days Left
11/08/2018: 1 IEP Day Left
11/09/2018: Get To Know Maris On IEP Profile
11/13/2018: Unbidden Maris
11/14/2018: Let It Burn Maris
11/15/2018: The Prom Proposal Is Over Maris
11/16/2018: The Sweet Braces Lover
11/26/2018: Two Boys And One Girlfriend
11/27/2018: Take A Nice Shower Maris
11/28/2018: Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Maris Maris
11/29/2018: Thunder Maris, Like A Thunder
11/30/2018: Catch You In Sammy and Maris
12/03/2018: Fall In Love RoMaris Is Back
12/04/2018: SweetHeart Princess Maris
12/05/2018: Maris Got Hurt And Crocodile Tears
12/06/2018: Who's There Maris?
12/07/2018: Ugly 5% Maris
12/10/2018: Andrea and Maris Unite
12/11/2018: The PopSocket Maris
12/12/2018: Wait For You Maris
12/13/2018: Marga Voice Maris
12/14/2018: 3rd Year Anniversary Maris
12/17/2018: Maris Is Back
12/18/2018: Marijuana GF Maris
12/19/2018: Don't Messed Up With These Two
12/20/2018: 1st Kiss 1st Sex RoMaris
12/21/2018: The Mistress Cats Of Maris
Maris Redona Semester 2 2018-2019 Posters:
1/16/2019: It's Prank Day For Maris
1/17/2019: The Rain And The Broken Hearted
1/18/2019: 2nd Kiss
1/22/2019: Mexico Ole Maris
1/23/2019: Run For The Bee You Move
1/24/2019: She's Too Much For Root Beer
1/25/2019: Maris Is Late For the Sex Hug
1/28/2019: The Girl In Love Letter
1/29/2019: Locked Out Jorge and Maris
1/30/2019: She Miss You, She Miss Him
1/31/2019: Maristellar and Eric Reunion In Together
2/1/2019: Maris Tried To Bully
2/4/2019: Roses For Maris
2/5/2019: Carry Your Bags And Smell Those
2/6/2019: The Evil Sisters Are Coming Over To The World
2/7/2019: The Mama And Daddy Part 2
2/8/2019: Audrey And Drake RoMaris
2/11/2019: Agnes Snatcher
2/12/2019: Will You Marry Me, And She Walked
2/13/2019: Jesus Alejandro and Maris/ The Ketchup and The Mustard
2/14/2019: She Needed A Valentine
2/19/2019: Maris The Sexy Attendant
2/20/2019: Let's Have Drunk Maris
2/21/2019: The Attendance And Maris
2/22/2019: Crybaby Maris
2/25/2019: Awkward And The Prince
2/26/2019: Dirty Stripper Maris
2/27/2019: Maris Being Out In Cheated
2/28/2019: Phone Raid, Phones Out
3/1/2019: DJ Princess
3/4/2019: Uninvited Maris
3/5/2019: Pretty Maris
3/6/2019: The Coffee Girl Of The Day
3/7/2019: She Was Wrong, So She Did.
3/8/2019: Fall Out Because Of Her Ex
3/9/2019: Bosse Tijuana Girl
3/11/2019: Cop Princess Maris
3/12/2019: Maris And Torres
3/13/2019: She Needs To Go Dodge
3/14/2019: Maristellar Sad Hug
3/15/2019: NFL Cheer Maris
3/18/2019: The Gummy Worm Maris
3/19/2019: Around The World Maris
3/20/2019: Last Sex
3/21/2019: Get Slushed, Get Wet
3/22/2019: Fucked Yeah Maris
4/5/2019: DNA Test Results Are In Maris
4/8/2019: Jonny And Maris Freaked Out
4/9/2019: Maris Is Not Ugly, Maris Is Pretty Sexy And Beautiful
4/10/2019: The Pride and Ugly Naked Period 6
4/11/2019: Great News For Maris
4/12/2019: Vanilla Skies Maris
4/15/2019: Traffic Maris
4/16/2019: Rain All Wet Long Maris
4/17/2019: Grease Maris and Rolando
4/18/2019: Selfie Selfie Maris
4/19/2019: Prom Date Gets Upset For Maris
4/22/2019: Get Puked Up For RoMaris
4/23/2019: The Red Strawberries Maris
4/24/2019: Fever Hot Maris
4/25/2019: Ahh! Much Better Maris
4/26/2019: Happily Ever 2019 After RoMaris
4/29/2019: Blue Days Mondays RoMaris
4/30/2019: No Spirit Week for RoMaris
5/1/2019: The Girlfriend Talk: Maris
5/2/2019: Lemonade Maris
5/3/2019: Prank Last One For Maris
5/6/2019: Sorry RoMaris For Winning
5/7/2019: The Evil RoMaris
5/8/2019: Emergency On The Run Maris
5/9/2019: Chocolate Dating Is In
5/10/2019: The Sex Is On Maris
5/13/2019: Get Slashed Maris Because She Burned Up
5/14/2019: Loser Maris Losers For Life
5/15/2019: Maris Run Away
5/16/2019: Get Wet Get In Maris
5/17/2019: The Birthday Sex
5/19/2019: Happy 19 Maris
5/20/2019: Heartbroken Maristellar
5/21/2019: Who Will Choose For The New Boyfriend Of Maris?
5/22/2019: Sam And Maris
5/23/2019: Silent Sam And Maris
5/24/2019: Uninvited Letter For Maris 19
5/28/2019: The Runaway Lovers
5/29/2019: Maris, Did you Ask Sammy To Go Out?
5/30/2019: Maris, Sorry Your Lover Is Out Of Town.
5/31/2019: Maris Falling Down And Rolando Collapsed
6/3/2019: Fair In Fair Out Maris
6/4/2019: Naked In The Shower Maris
6/5/2019: Time To Burn For Those Hoes Maris
6/6/2019: Just Like Those Maris
6/7/2019: Class Of 2019 Princess Warrior

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