The reason why my sky is Blue
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2021-08-30 05:16:58 (UTC)

Day 3

This should really be day 4, but I’m not consistent. I give up on things. It’s what I do. I gave up on working out, gave up on the bullet journal I started, I even gave up on myself. I Always doubt myself. I don’t believe in myself. Every time I think of something I want to do, my mind says “for what, you’ll give up like always” I hate that. I have no will power. No motivation. I wish I was active, motivated, skinny, pretty. I wish someone loved me. I want a relationship. Male or female isn’t my concern. I just miss love. Having someone to do things with, make laugh, to learn. Isn’t that what love is. Learning anything you can about this person. Every detail of their face, sound in their laugh, the rhythm of their breath. I’m feeling and that’s the reason why my sky is blue