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2021-08-29 21:05:00 (UTC)

Leave me alone!

I am fine, just leave me alone everyone. This war thing has me bothered, and I wish to be left alone, as this is going to be a lot worst than back in 70's. I feel bad because we have a president that doesn't know if he is coming or going. Now, he is blistering even innocents. Meaning not just women and children but our own as well and those we gave our word to, that they would get to come to America. Some idiot gave the Taliban a list of people that we want coming to America. what a bright move. Now, there in line to be killed for failing to take the shit hole country back and were running away. Not the men or women, the President is tired of war. He doesn't know which direction to go. Meaning the war is closer to America. Now, your going to learn what war really is. Prepared? I sure as hell hope so. Yes, I am even at my age. So stay the hell away from me, until I feel like speaking. My room is just that, MY ROOM, shouting from outside and calling thousands times daily will not move me from my position. when I WISH TO TALK TO ANYONE, I WILLUNLOCK MY DAMN DOOR. going TO THE ONLY OPEN WINDOW AND YELLING ours YOU OK, FORCED ME TO BLOCK THAT OFF AS WELL. I am tired and old and in a real pissed off mood. Leave me alone! I don't need to talk to anyone, and I sure as hell don't need a doctor as mine would tell you. My doctor would warn you to leave me the fuck alone, as I will come out of it in time.

No that is no wall, you dumb fucks, that is an airplane taking off without people inside. There are pictures of them falling off as it climbs. Don't think you could handle the ones ran over and fell when wheels were taken inside.

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