Becoming quietly confident
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2021-08-29 16:43:16 (UTC)

Weekend notes- canning, art, getting frisky (18+)

Friday night I was in bed before my husband was home from work. Saturday morning he was gone for work before I woke up. That morning I took my son to soccer. Watched him as he put it “invent a position” which basically had him chatting with the goalie the whole time. Soccer is not really his thing, but he gets exercise and he smiles so I take him.

Saturday afternoon we picked plums from two huge trees in my yard. I spent some time researching what to do with them. Aside from jam and just eating them we don’t do a lot with them. But the more I researched the more I found. Tarts, dehydrating them, plum wine, brandied plums, making something like an apple sauce, juicing them, chutney, there is a lot that can be done. I got interested in trying so many things I was sending my kids back out to pick more even though we already had probably 60lbs picked. I found it interesting how something that seemed like a burden, processing all of these plums, could become fun with just a little more knowledge of what they could become.

About 8pm on saturday night my husband and called and asked if I wanted to meet up for drinks with him and his friend. I met them at a Mexican themed restaurant in a mall a city near to us. We chatted until the place closed down and they were needing us to leave. I only drank one drink because I was going to have to drive home after. This friend of my husband is 45 and has never married and I don’t really understand why, he seems level headed, is really cute, looks a bit younger than he is. He dates girls all the time and has relationships, but so far nothing lasting.

When my husband and I got home we went to our room and watched an episode of mad men which is a series we have been watching together off and on. All through it he was frisky touching my breasts which sent shocks all through me. He often does this and things like this with out actually wanting sex. But when he started to touch his cock I realized he was actually needy. I started to rub his cock for some time through his underwear. Before going down on him and then finishing with a very wet hand job. I held off letting him cum for as long as I could. I can always tell when he is close and I slow down a little or change something till he is breathing regularly again and then I bring him back to the edge and do this as many times as I can before letting him cum. Once he came he shook for the longest time after. I was actually very tired so I did not ask for him to respond back.

Today is more of the same, more plums, some yard work, I have a few projects in the works now so it should be a pretty full day.

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