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2021-08-29 08:15:37 (UTC)

Finding the positives in the world we're in 😊

We all know there are a lot of bad things going on in the world. It's everywhere in the news media right now. I won't talk much about it here. I have enough in just my life and the people around me to deal with. I've said this before about some of the people I know and I guess it can be applied here too "You can't fix stupid". I will work on things that I can change and not spend too much time on the craziness otherwise, you can go down that rabbit trail and be lost in there for a long long time.

So for now, I'm enjoying my morning zen time. Haven't had much time for this this past couple of weeks so I'm going to enjoy this moment for as long as I want to. Enjoying my coffee and just unwinding mentally and physically. No gym classes today. Body check tells me my shoulders and wrists are hurting from the one armed side planks, core is nice and tight and hurting from all the other core work we've been doing, blisters on my knuckles are starting to heal from the punching bags, and my weight yesterday was at an acceptable 164 lbs. Seems that's about where I've been hovering at the past month.

It's so frustrating to look at my abs. Sometimes it's like I'm almost there to where I have that six pack going but it's not quite there yet and may never happen because my diet isn't 100% full on healthy. I't's like it's there but someone decided to smother my abs with 5 lbs of butter hiding them. hehe. Or it's like when that werewolf transforms from a man to a werewolf or vice-versa. Just in the middle of converting you know? That's where I am right now. It's like it's almost there but my sorry ass just don't go 100% full on awesome diet so it never happens. Sigh...Oh well.. I'll live. First world problems you know? hehe.

Today, I think I'll work on my truck a little. No waxing this time. I did the shiny tire thing already. I will work on the outside black trim to make it stand out a bit more. They got chemicals for that. Also the interior. I need to treat the inside to keep the rubber and plastic nice and fresh. Again, they have something called 303 for that. Then the leather seats. I need to treat those too to keep those fresh and not dry up or at least extend the life of it as long as I can.

I'm sure I'll make time to go out and do some impulse shopping so I don't go nuts cooped up in the house too much. Staying away from social media except for some Facebook stuff just in case Augusta shows me pics of the dog she is trying to find a home for. Of course, nothing strenuous to allow my body to heal.

But overall, I'm happy I have such a healthy hobby with crossfit and still making new friends every week. Just saw pics of my old dart friends in a dart tourney placing 1st, 2nd, or third. Nice to see them them still at it but darts fun as it was involves drinking..often and always. So yeah, that's one bad (or not) thing about that. Still, good to see they're still playing. Eventually, things will die down as far as the fires all over the place and we'll be able to go wine tasting again in cooler weather instead of these 100° F temps. Should start to cool down again and I'll be able to wear my suits. Maybe we'll rent a cabin again and head out to June or Mono lake. See the trees as the season changes and just look at how cool nature looks when the leaves change color.

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