Margaux 💁

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2033-02-20 14:55:00 (UTC)

The Melody Of A Fallen Tree (Photos Version)

Underneath the leaves where the blackbirds turn blue
If theres room for me
Theres room for you
Place your ear to the ground, you hear a voice
It sings the song
The whole night long
I am the melody of the fallen tree
What comes between me
You and me
So sadly transient, youd never guess
It could ever be
So easy to see
Across a frozen field you hear a call
With the urgency
Of the boiling sea
All your hopes and dreams they rise and fall
A cacaphony
The love and brutality
They all turn on me
You hope to someday see
So sadly obvious, youd never guess
It could ever be
So hard to see

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