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2021-08-29 17:21:36 (UTC)

Dear diry...

its a sunday pre evening time. you know the awkward time between afternoon and evening. like 4pm. stuck in between two time tags. i feel ya mr awkward 4pm for im a bit of an awkward myself.

anyways last night dinner was good. had two burgers and some fries to go with it. then slept. and then fucking hell woke up at 4am and couldnt sleep. so i watched some tv. then went to bed at 6am. and now here we are on a sunday. i woke up today by 1pm. had lunch. and was watching tv and the most amazing spectacular movie in the world was there and it's none other than The Equalizer. if you havent seen it yet then youre a dick. finding the theme song on youtube and reading the comments made me smile. i just finished a bottle of beer so im a bit tipsy. it's always a good time to drink.

evening will be me in front of the pc. then comes dinner and then some tv and then to bed.

for tomorrow is the horrid of all days monday. and did i say ill be having my next bootle before dinner..yaahhhooo...

rest of you sleeping snoring cunts in your bed...

i got this overwhelming feeling that im probablly gonna die alone. slowly. inside. always be this awkward guy who couldn't do anything right. ahh well we all got one life and its okay if we don't want it anymore.