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2021-08-29 12:20:00 (UTC)


I came across this art (https://twitter.com/studio_hotaru/status/1431392457762107394?s=19) and i love codes and ciphers, so of course i accepted the challenge.

I found all the numbers immediately and even one extra (8 on xiao's cheek). Then tried using A1Z26, it didn't make sense. Tried mirroring the numbers and the letters, still no. Tried adding paired numbers, single numbers. Used atbash and caesar ciphers on all the letter combinations i got. Nothing. I knew i was overcomplicating it, but i had to try everything.

When i finally got stuck and looked at the pictures again, i noticed the cam order, rearranged my numbers and got the answer! Yay!

It was fun, so made my own cipher. Its overcomplicated (but pretty easy) and all the clues are here, except for one little twist.