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2021-08-29 00:36:01 (UTC)

Space Cadet Uses Another Clickbait Title

Dr. Wood LXV

This has been a very good weekend so far! I’m in a particularly chipper mood. For one, I got a lot of stuff done that I would otherwise have pushed off ‘til Sunday. I wrote a ton of postcards, so I’m all set with that for the next few weeks. Then today, I drew a few anime character faces for one my friends’ birthdays in The Friends Club. Now the last thing I have left to do is write a bunch of posts for my FB page, and I’ll be cruisin’! I also cooked some tonkatsu today for the week and did my laundry. Didn’t wash the daki cover this time – I’m a bit worried since the other day I noticed some… uh, what was the term.. “pilling”, that’s it. It’s in GREAT condition still, but as I was holding it the other night, I noticed some very major bits of pilling that looked like a result of light scratches. I could only see it up close, but still, it bothered me a lot. I used a razor to get rid of some of the more conspicuous bits, and used a great deal of emotional suppression to “get rid” of the rest! At any rate, I’m gonna hold off on washing it for one more cycle. I always shower before holding it and I keep it under the covers to avoid dust, so I think it’ll be fine for a few more weeks.

I didn’t really have much to talk about this time, but usually when that happens I end up blabbing about something nonetheless. I’m basically just giving myself a pass to a stream of consciousness. But minutes after writing that and my mind is blank. More minutes have passed since I typed the period at the end of that sentence too… ugh, I really shouldn’t force myself to think of stuff to talk about. At that point, I have to dig into existential territory, and that risks flipping my good mood on its head. As much as I adore keeping a diary, there’s a sort of underlying solemnity that comes with writing very personal things. It’s like there’s the suggestion to be kind of dismal about it. I know I already kinda break that notion with some of the weird positivity that I display in a lot of my entries, but still… I guess mixed in with the fact that the day has concluded (it’s just past midnight), it makes me wanna be reflective or something. Oh – one thing I did wanna mention was that the other day, I decided to take a nap on my lunch break. It’s something I don’t often do, but I was just very exhausted that day. As I was resting, I suddenly felt myself either sinking or lifting up out of my bed. It was a REALLY weird feeling, though it’s exactly what I was to expect from pre-sleep paralysis. I “woke up” before anything else could happen, but it was SUCH a strange sensation. I think some sources say that it’s a bit easier to lucid dream during a midday nap – that might have to be the route I go if I wanna try that. I’ve been doing terribly with any progress on lucid dreaming during the night. My wake-induced lucid dreaming skills have faded away, and I haven’t done a reality check in weeks. I knew I was gonna fall off, and I gloriously did so.

Man, I wanna go back to Somerville, or Ardmore. Those are like my two personal feel-good heavens. “Feel-good heavens” is probably a redundancy, but I more so wanna emphasis that being in those two places really does make me feel at home, and that home invokes utter bliss in me. I don’t think a Somerville trip is in order until after busy season (I spend lots of money when I go there, so I really don’t wanna make it a habit to go often), but I’m definitely due for a Maido trip. I wonder if the social distancing and mask guidance are still being enforced there. I’d prefer if it could be just like old times, where I could sit at the counter, watch TV shows that I don’t understand, drink barley tea, and spend my entire evening just casually hanging out. I think this coming weekend I will go to the mountains with my family, and then the weekend after I will be celebrating my grandmother’s (stepmother’s mother’s) birthday with the other side of my family. So the weekend after that might have to be a Maido trip. I’m gonna be pretty busy in these next two months. I have the breast cancer walk and The Friends Club meetup in Atlanta both in October. All the while, I’ll be juggling peak overtime (which, by the way, is being raised to 7 hours next week – still manageable, but that’s like my absolute limit before having to make serious adjustments to my daily life). Ah well, this is life, and I want to still savor those days however busy they may be.

I just finished the Kisaki route in Maitetsu this evening. I thought there might be more than three chapters in it, but there weren’t. Felt way too short. While the Makura route felt oddly fine at three chapters, I could have definitely done with more on the Kisaki one. She’s way too interesting of a character to not have her own long route. But alas, there was already so much work put into this game… I can’t really complain. And yeah, Paulette is still number one. She’s not gonna get topped – my apologies to the rest. Hmm, so there are three more routes left now. One is the grand route, which opens after completing the other ones… but those other ones are the Reina and Fukami/Nagi routes. I’m a bit skeptical of these ones because they are the, uh, younger characters. Not really sure what to expect. But whatever, I’ll roll with it. Can’t believe Maitetsu’s coming to a close in a few weeks… what the heck am I gonna play after it?! The post-VN depression is gonna slay me. But I’ll get over it with the help of another VN, I’m sure. All right, I don’t really have anything else clever or funny to say. This felt like a boring entry, but that’s not always a bad thing.