Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-08-28 19:41:31 (UTC)

Jobbo....Compiuta 😆

Likely big ole typos in this entry because I can't be bothered to move from my sofa to my office to use my mac.

I'm too relaxed with my rum and lemonade, enthralled watching Erik Grankvist spend a year alone in a Swedish forest building a log cabin. That man has got patience! And grit and dedication. I am 1000% impressed. I think we should get married, lol 😆

I finished decorating my stair walls...fuuuck that was tricky! Sounds easy right? Not when it's 20ft high walls and I'm only 5'6! My work colleague turned up at 8 am with a 14ft triple "How on earth am I going to lift that and manoeuvre it on my own?" He agreed and said, "Hold on"...... His act of kindness next, warmed me. He arranged a 12ft double ladder for me, drove all the way back to the yard, picked it up and came back to me with it. As a gesture of gratefulness to him I cooked him a bacon sarnie while his was gone and he said, " Oh my God, thanks. You wait till I tell the lads about this back at the yard!" We laughed, he carried it inside for me and put it into position, one end a few steps up the stairs the other in the 20ft abyss of my stair walls.

I still needed to use my extension pole for the paintbrush to cut in at the highest point, fucking precarious, and then for the roller but I did it finally. Long winded and tricky as fuck, especially mid wall with the angle on the stairs and a ladder that only liked two directions!!

That's the hardest part of the house for decorating done! I have a 15 foot white voile drape. Once I've bought a nice curtain pole tomorrow and fitted that to the inside wall above my bottom stair way, I can drape it over it to create U shape at the top and drape down one side and that will compliment and soften the lovely deep colour on the stair wall and break the sudden contrast from hallway wallpaper to stair wall colour. Then it's just adding some large beautiful art on the walls 🥰

I am really pleased another piece of our home is done, I really enjoy creating our character.

I've the upstairs landing to wallpaper next, then the spare room and my bedroom but there is no rush, I like taking my time and getting it right, researching materials etc.

Our solar garden lights will go up next after I've done the drape. We're off to a boot fair tomorrow but after ill pop in to a store to get the curtain pole and do those jobs Monday.

Phil and I had another long chat, his birthday is the same day as me (tomorrow) he is doing well, keeping well, still trucking him and his dog, "Dingo".

Johnny is alright, we message but we're more like friends than anything else now. Its been mentioned between us, that he will come be with me here, permanently but I think it's all just hot air on his side. I'm a woman of my word if respect, decency and standing by your word is present towards me, but if it isn't, I'm unlikely to take anything said seriously.

Other than all that, life is sweet in my corner of the world, I am content, happy and going about my life doing the things I want to do 🙂 mostly refurbishing my house and setting up my veggie stuff. 👍👌👊❤

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