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2021-08-28 15:05:00 (UTC)

no shit sherlock

I love theories and lore in genshin. But why does everyone talk about the statue in inazuma not being baal like its some genius discovery. I mean was it not obvious?? They literally called it the statue of thousand-armed hundred-eyed god, does that sound like baal? Are you all stupid?

Also theory about yae being kitsune saiguu because they have similar earings. Well, maybe its just because they're both chief priestesses?? And saiguu died long before yae's time. They might be connected somehow but the earings have nothing to do with that.

I want to thank ashikai for mentioning things that have been bothering me and nobody talks about them. I thought "Im not the only one who noticed that, im not crazy!!" Like the fact that according to albedo's voicelines citrinitas and rubedo are switched in teyvat. I rechecked it four times to make sure that its actually there.