If I die today
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2021-08-27 15:41:40 (UTC)

what a hit

Allright so I dont know what got into me I rashionnilised smoking 2 hits prelunch to increase my appietie since I made a failry bigger lunch speghiti and garlic cheese bread anyhow so I think this iswhat makes me so sleepy it took a longer than usual nap and I was dragging still. In other news the atty final answered me that she has to motion the court to serve by publication then I can know whats due so I guess I just wait and wonder when I'm going to get a bill but she did answer me. Hopefully itll be cheapish. I did on excersize video today a run with the dog in well less than 100percent clear air. that leash is a tripping hazzard but I think we can learn to do it right with the handsfree leash it went a little smoother using it to go the dumpster so he's catchin on. yesterday nDea's bday gift arrived a bit early and I decided he needed it it was a theracane max and that thing is actualy worth it very sturdy very user friendly so anyhow I got that right I think IDK even if he decides its not for him I think its great and think its a good option for gifting my parents for something. nDea has to work tommow but I think were still on for the fair but a different scedhule I guess its friday night usuallydate night but dam having to be up at 520 in the morning sucks so IDK what well do its relaxing time now then to check thee mail and I'm tryting to find a hoodie at the store for me. Ill try to focus on gettingone for running then maybe focus on a clean nonsweaty one. Anyhow magment isat the door so I gotta go pay attention

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