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2021-08-27 23:09:46 (UTC)

Karen’s & Ken’s be Orf :D

Blue slate down, plants planted, fence erected (mmm) lol. My daughter, my teammate in life was up early ready to help her mama lioness, and while we dug holes, angled fencing and laid slate she was getting more tactical advice from her mama on extremely very naughty psychological tactics she can use on her boyfriend. Yeah, yeah before the judgy Karen’s and Ken’s come plodding along with their pointy fingers, it's nothing new from every other cunt doing it to you throughout your life. The world isn't made of rainbows and fairies, people aren't fluffy balls of loveliness, the world is selfish and cruel and well, I ain't sending my daughter out into it that world as a naive little flower. It's no contest that I give her a head start, on conversing with selfish bumfuckets and nosey know-it-all Karen's and Ken’s. She can evaluate the plonker first then decide her direction to reach the most effective, rewarding outcome for her. Because nice sweety-pies end up as slosh on the paving beside the wheelie bin, mhm, they didn't even make it in the bin where the plonker decided to trash her.

So, the tactics have been working since a couple of days ago when she split from her boyfriend, now the lad is chasing her like he daren't let go. Giving her respect, showing patience.

Other than that, our solar garden lights arrived, we will be putting those up tomorrow as well as decorating the stair walls....hope I dont die and break my neck, 20ft high at the highest point...fuuuuuuuck!

We went to the pub this evening, met up with my brother, and friends. His friends are a large group and I've known them since I was in my teens, they're like family to my brother and treat me as such too. I didn't drink as I was driving but I let my daughter have a vodka and coke, she tried pink gin too but hated the tonic, eek I can't stand vodka, gin or tonic....yuck! I'm a whisky and rum chick. Anyway's my daughter got tipsy on the vodka lol, it was the first time I've ever let her have a drink. It's her dad who exposed her to it before, hence she knew she liked gin and vodka.

Tom who owns the farm, one of my bro's friends is going to build me my wood swing sofa:)))))))) He is going to come round mine and measure to fit, in my garden....well, excited! And my bro offered to build my planting area along one length of my garden for flowers I want to grow. Tom said I could have the railway sleepers on his farm that he has spare. Awesome! It's all coming together :))

Anyhoo, time for me to skedaddle
Ciazors x