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2021-08-27 11:07:42 (UTC)

The extremes of the scale 🤨

I know I talk about the awesome women I meet in life. Just being their friend is a privilege. One of them is of course my friend "Superstar". Haven't seen her in awhile. She's back from her Mexico trip but we all got things to do. There are others near my self proclaimed women scale like a certain Canadian lady, my curly haired gym peep that will probably be a nurse or social worker one day. That fits her lady charm. Anyway, I met someone again but this time on the other end of the specrtum. Yup, toxic as heck. You know the type. They never see themselves as wrong. If it don't go their way, the world is against them. Judging someone negatively just because it doesn't suit their needs and/or wants. Yet, I'm glad I met her because it shows me the diversity in the women that I meet. Not all would fit the "bring home to Mom" type of woman nor become a good core friend one day and they shouldn't.

I just know that I'm grateful to being able to see these type of people regardless of their physical looks and how easy it is to just avoid them and let them run their own course in life to whatever end that may be. These are the people that sucks the aura outta you making you sadder and less happy. No bueno. I can easily steer clear of that. No fighting needed. No arguing your point. When you sense this lost soul, you just fix it by ignoring them completely. Let them shout, curse, blab and think whatever it is their feeble mind wants to do. Just let them take their own course and they will go where they will go. They can go anywhere. Just not near me. hehe.

I'm still on my last vaca day today so there's gonna be just a lot of errands to do. I did make the morning gym class and it's nice to see my gym peeps again. Heidi texted me showing me her newer car. It's pretty awesome. A red bow!! I of course told her I approve of the color and it should get her laid now. Hahaha. Jokingly of course and she laughed. She's already cute so she never had problems with that. When we both can hook up, we agreed to sushi for lunch or dinner. Don't know when that'll be but when we do, we'll have a lot to catch up on for sure. Same with Superstar. We're always doing our own thing so we never get to meet.

Well, I haven't had anything to eat today and it's almost noon. Still in a spoiled mood so I'm going out for lunch. Not sure where yet but I'll just drive around till I feel like whatever it is I feel like eating.

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