The reason why my sky is Blue
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2021-08-27 15:24:38 (UTC)

Day 2

I have a Best friend who is sick. I asume everyone has a bestie, even if they aren’t sick like mine. Her name is Angel and I’ve know her for about 7-8 years. We started hanging out in high school our senior year. She’s Mexican and rich. She hates when I call her rich, she prefers “comfortable”. Her dad works in the power lines and makes good money off of it. She lives an a huge ranch with horses and cows and goats and chickens, none of which she actually deals with. They own a house in Arizona, around 2 in Texas, and are currently looking for a place in Mexico. I love her. She took me to Mexico for the first time. San Felipe. The most beautiful place I’ve ever seen/ been. Considering I had never left Texas. The food is amazing. The beaches are shark infested but we never liked ocean water. We just sit on the sand and drink our beer, and bottles. Mainly don julio 72 tequila. The best tequila if you ask us. Last year she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She’s been going through a lot at the moment. Doing better than before but she doesn’t have any motivation to do anything. She said it’s because she doesn’t like the way she looks. I hate that she’s like that. We used to always go out to bars, and to the mall, really anything we could do that was fun we did. Now she doesn’t leave the house and I have no one to do things with since she’s my only friend. I’m stuck doing nothing because she does nothing. I know I shouldn’t been upset about it considering everything that she’s going through but I can’t help it. I hate it. I hate that I can’t make her feel better and that’s the reason why my sky is blue.

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