My secret life
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2021-08-27 05:51:48 (UTC)

First time out front

Today I took a big step in going out the front door naked. It was only for maybe 5 minutes, but just laying down the first few areas seeing how and where I can go in future nude excursions.

The front of our building is well light by street lights, but I have scoped out the units with either security cameras, or ring doorbells. The neighbor to the right of me, the one who’s wife is very hot, has not only one on their front door, but their side patio door, which is their bedroom.

The neighbor to my right who is another hot younger girl and her older boyfriend, they have no security cameras Mor ring doorbell.

To the right of them are two more units, one of which their front door is in the front, but the last one on the right of me, the door is on the side. I’ve not checked for a security camera there yet.

The neighbor across from me and slightly left, is an end unit in another building. This is a single, older woman, and she has no type of security cameras that I have noticed.

Just to the right front of me, is another unit, being another building. They are a younger Indian couple, with his older mother and father living with them. The young Indian woman is sexually attractive, and even the mother in law is attractive.

The units in that building, to the right of the Indian couple all have ring doorbells. Caution is definitely needed there.

Looking forward to exploring more, and venturing further, maybe visit these other neighbors areas closer.

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