The Covid Diaries
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2021-08-27 03:14:55 (UTC)

What a waste

Here I am giving my all to this guy and he's talking about he love me and stuff but I didn't say it back because it was to early to say it. And he out it on the Bible but I still don't trust him that he loves me. He's always high and barely listen to me when he's high like tonight when he picked me up to go chill with his cousin he introduced me whoopedy whoop and then he was talking to him the whole time when I just wanted attention but... Did he give it to me....Nooooo!!!!

I don't think it would've worked out anyways so I'm home alone because I wanted to invite him in but he's tired and high so I'm gonna read my book and fall asleep while I'm drinking. I don't care if, I have work in the morning. I have the alarm set. Gosh, I wish I was off this weekend. I might call out I don't know.

I'm gonna rewatch Awkward for the millionth time because I love that show. Amd I relate to her on a Spiritual level.


- A

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