If I die today
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2021-08-26 15:31:50 (UTC)

What is going on in this world

Today there was a poorer aiir quaility enough smoke to make me uncomfortable out there. I did a short walk with the dog did laundry laundry was the main chore today. Also 2 workout videos. So this whole oversea's thing and all this IDK what I think about the current events and press confrence today. I olny listened to about 2min I dont understand war and all but one thing that rubbed me wrong again me thinking these fools was pres dent bi-den tryin to quoute the bible. totally outta terms. What a joke. Alos yesterday or the day before maybe before 6am a news flash came acrross locally that a car was on fire that the did not now if police were on scene and this is live video right well the next time the story showed they had said the police were chasing this guy ended up in him shooting and burning his car. Just makes me wonder if theychased him to there and were shotting how was the news live on scene and saying they were not sure if police arrived. Does not logically make scence today. Also it is coming out in bold terms theres a war on the un-vactiatned and its being very boldy told that we should suffer conquences and even be "[punished" for not taking the stab. Such insanity and how are people so ignorant and blind. Well theres not too much for me to say . I am pretty tapped out as far as having anything to offer but my thoughts.

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