Lumina ❤️
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2021-08-26 22:30:29 (UTC)


"Sunrise" (千年の暁 ~朱雀征魂戦~, Sennen no Akatoki ~Suzaku Seikonsen~

Drawn to a heart and a soul, saved by a hero true
Stranger to kindness until freed by love eternal, you and I

Blazing Scarlet, fire within
Honor binds me unto errant kin
Yea, if here I find my end
Stay your tears, for we shall meet again

As the light of the setting sun fades, bid farewell to me beloved
In these fleeting moments hold my hand, as I whisper a silent prayer

Should dawn never break on this thousand thousand year night, I promise
Should I take to wing and seek you in every distant sky...

One last breath and I fracture, shatter—crimson sorrow, endless, boundless
One more life for us, one more chance—for this I pray, I beg, I plead

Dreams of you and me in my heart I hold forevermore, as I falter
Wait for me, wait for me my love...

Lumina ❤️