Ruby’s small adventures
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2021-08-26 18:33:29 (UTC)

Today is another one of those ..

Today is another one of those do very little days I’m going to clean my clothes today and possibly play video games because I haven’t done that yet
It’s 2pm I did read half a chapter on Gideon the 9th idk if it’s a good book I might try to practice Duolingo again and see if I can write on the google docs this time I wish I could get the girl of my dreams (lgbt) just someone mainely that like the same shows as me and is asexual or doesn’t mind not having sex
I practiced Spanish

last night I some how broke my otterbox for my phone so my dad is going to buy me another

I scrolled on dating sites for a long time I tried to correct stuff on there

I tried to find my charger for my switch so I could play Pokémon but I think I left it over my parents house

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