The reason why my sky is Blue
2021-08-26 21:41:56 (UTC)

Day 1

I just started a new job at an “office”. I quit my last job at the gas station for different reasons, mainly because my Indian boss kept trying to sleep with me and wouldn’t leave me alone. Don’t get me wrong, I gave him the “idea” when I told him I wanted a sugar daddy. He didn’t leave me alone after, despite the fact that he’s married with kids. He wasn’t the sugar daddy I wanted, and it wasn’t because of his family. He even offered me 50,000 to marry his nephew so he could get papers to live in the U.S. I was up for it too, maybe I still am. I shouldn’t be picky in the sugar daddy department, but me being who I am, I was. I’m sitting in an “office” that is falling apart, smells like dog, and has a restroom that is also a storage room behind a curtain. I choose to consider this the worst, even though I know others deal with much more. But I’m not others and that’s the reason why my sky is blue.