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2021-08-26 14:24:20 (UTC)

Home sweet home 🏡 😌

Just got back from Reno. I noticed my hair was getting on the wild side so I'm stopping by my hair stylist before going home. They have so many mirrors in my hotel room I couldn't help but notice it.. I know me. If I don't take care of it now, it'll be awhile before I do. Perfect timing too. My cute hairstylist happened to be here and she was in-between customers.

I love vacations but always thankfull to be home where peeps know you. In Reno, if I get into trouble, there'd be no one to call to bail you out of whatever situation you're in. Yet here I am, being welcomed by name by my hair stylist. Nice to be where people know you.

Heidi texted me asking if I want to go someplace tonight and she wants to show me her new ride. She got the most use of that Ford sedan. I think she had over 200K miles on it. I was surprised it lasted that long. I know she wanted to get a low mileage BMW. That'll work for her. She's still very cute so all she'll need is some sunglasses and she'll look pretty hot I guess.

As far as work. Screw that!! I turned off my outlook and teams app so I don't get caught up in any work stuff. We got enough Engineers. One of them should be able to figure out whatever it is we need done.

I guess I'm home im time to kick back a bit then attend the 4:30 crossfit session. I must confess I miss my friends. The dinners they surprise me with at the gym. The last min calls to go out to grab a bite or to watch some band.

Home sweet home.
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