Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-08-26 21:24:22 (UTC)

Peace away from chaos

Me right now......
Carefree, chillaxed, getting prepared while laying low from all the chaos in our country and world right now. It's all so tragic, but I keep myself informed on our world, what's going on. From natural disasters to lying governments, news and media, to the impact on countries and people the control freak draconian elitists and their little bitches (the government) collared and leashed inflict.

All I can do is prepare, and accept that if the pressure on us people becomes ever more suffocating, I know what options I will prefer to live by.

Had a few beautiful days with my daughter recently, she's split from her boyfriend and needed me. She's doing alright, we've done lots together, she's not falling to pieces, she's stable, been involved in home improvements with me and some gaming, some girly pampering. I wish I was my mum when I was her age, lol.

She painted our new picket fence g today, while I fitted the new water butt to the downpipe. We ought some beautiful flowers to plant out in the front garden and more blue slate. We're doing that tomorrow. Then were painting Saturday, the stair walls, we got a beautiful sapphire salute blue for that as we're getting a singular long white drape voile to hang at the foot of the stairwell. It's going to look lush! And look amazing contrasting the lovely wallpaper I hung in the downstairs hallway 👍

Sunday we're off to a giant boot fair, it's my birthday that day. I've not been fussed about my birthday since my mid 30's, it's just another day.

Monday, I'll paint another coat on stair walls and Tuesday, Wednesday....not planned anything yet but we will do something while im off work on holiday time.

But, I am feeling very content and I am glad I decided to give men and dating a miss. I'm so much better off without the crap and feel it too 👌

Oh, and I switched my energy supplier who now pay me for all the energy I export back to the main grid from my solar panels. It's quite cool seeing the surplus energy I don't use exporting on the solar meter. Funky shit 😁

And the choking hazard called the HMRC inland revenue have let me know they're paying me back a nice wedge in business miles tax rebate. They're cunts though...if you're not on the ball they will suck you dry at any opportunity, so boris and his chumps can decorate their mansions.

And my work sent me a link to puck a new car. I chose a BMW with black paint and orange trim on leather seats. 🤣😂🤣😂 See what they say to that! Five years of service earning them millions....think I'm worth it. 😉

Think the greenhouse is going to be a ballache to build 😬