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2021-08-26 23:26:24 (UTC)

you are worth 19 billion dollars.

19 billion dollars. the price you pay to sell your soul. Or. What facebook paid to buy Whatsapp.

if you made an app. which wasn't doing so well. was pretty much harmless and free for all. And then a big ass company comes and offers you more money than you can dream of. would you sell??

i was watching this video on this whole thing and it amuses me how ignorant humans are. with so many red flags about it being harmful they still use it. when it is written smoking kills and yet we smoke em. when it is known your privacy is up for sale and nothing is private anymore you still use the social media platform. no wait. facebook isn't a social media platform. its a big ass spy agency. to collect your data and show you personalized ads. yes its where the CIA and FBI go to when they want some dirt on you.

still we all use it.. and forever will. thats how dumb and trapped we are creating the tools to imprison us. and divide us. and tear us apart.