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2021-08-26 23:05:08 (UTC)

Holy shit i've been doing it wrong all this time..

I've been force closing my apps on my android phone ever since i started using a phone a decade back. and it's not the right thing to do. holy craaaaapppp.... now i will leave the apps open and running in the backgroud. urrrghhhh it's so hard not to shut them all. i have to supress years and years of this habbit i unknowingly do all the time..

fuck me sideways...

anywhooo i got a new keyboard today. a cheap ass simple one nothing flashy. my current one was working just fine. i had the mechanical keyboard before with RGB lighting. now color me stupid to go from a good looking and clicky clacky keyboard to one simple one with smooth keys which are silent when typing. there i said it. i told you why i switched to it. the mechanical one and the sound of the typewriter effect was getting on my nervers slowly. i like shit to run smooth and quiet. i don't like extroverted keyboards hahaha.


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