Little lost girl

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2021-08-26 14:32:48 (UTC)

This morning I woke up with ..

This morning I woke up with such a pais with such a pain I feel like my guts are just dying or rotting you're being a rotting is so painful I know that I am constantly dehydrated baited for some reason I can't seem to get water down they're down I don't know if it's my kidneys I don't know what it is I'm struggling just to make it to work Although this pain wasn't bad enough to stop me from doing the morning line of course I know that I don't value my life very much and I should considering how fortunate I am that I am still alive but there are so many other people on this beautiful Earth that deserve to be alive and are taken from us I don't get it somebody like me who doesn't care if they wake up in the morning who's sick and tired of being an attic And it's tired of all the games and lies I have to play in order to keep my secret and if this is part of God If This pain is is for me to suffer from from I am one person on this planet who deserves to suffer II do deserve to suffer but when I pray each day that I don't wake up I really don't pay pay for me to feel like this part of the process I guess

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