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2021-08-26 18:50:46 (UTC)

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter, science vs religion the immortal debate over who is right. You know what. even if the creationists are right it wont matter and even if god is disproved without a doubt it wont matter.

the future of the species is in peril and the resources are wasted into trying to prove each other wrong, for what? pride, ego, glory, science???

we live in the now. not the past. future is what we need to think about. sadly not many of us do.

even if god is proven to be true you think he is going to magically wave his hand and all the wars and all will be over? the current middle east mess will be solved?? the pandemic will be over? are you that dumbassshitfacedofacunt.

even if science shows us how the unvierse is created what good will that bring us? the religious people aint gonna change sides. a few will get some media attention. and then what? people will still die.