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me and my life
2021-08-25 08:38:07 (UTC)

Nothing Specific

Today is 26th of August, I cannot believe the days are passing by with the lightning speed. I feel like time is slipping off like a sand and am here still on my place and everything is moving ahead me, time, people, their progress and everything. Phewww this is how bad time stick to you and refuse to leave you.
I and G have been chatting quite regular, he talk a lot on chat few times on call too. His house is all ready and good I'm proud of him for making it big from where he has come a small village. He is a good guy, hardworking and good looking too. Cant wait to see him and meet him. we have few plans. we mostly talking romantic and how future will be. he has some plan for future and he will discuss when we meet. I like him! but, i don't know how is his behavior, body language, nature, attitude in person. I guess he must be good, I love it when every morning I see his GM message I feel like hugging him. I wish we make it together soon. he said if we feel good after meeting we will date for few months and get marry and he has a big yes for it. But am skeptical as sis and her delivery, its like I'm only stuck every time in others affairs. I guess seeing the situation I might get married by May 2022 ufff... I have to keep patience. or else if we figure out something. After he visit me here, ill plan to visit him too I need to see how he is around his parents and how are his parents. I guess he is OK hence he invited me at his house. am glad I have moved on to my ex. Now the problem is JOB, yes FUCKING JOB. When will I get a job?? big question. am trying so hard. Yesterday Gopal told me a very good thing to which I agree 100% and I was happy to see how he understood that about me so well. he told me sometimes your experience and worth is not considered because right time is not come, and I so agree with him. muuhaaaa I feel good to talk to him he makes me smile.
These days I dnt feel like doing workout, I feel tired and no motivation. I was terrible this time in completing my 2 weeks challenge. took whole month huh. after completing 3 days of my challenge ill take few days rest and start with a good hour glass challenge of 25days I guess.
Workouts keep me going but I have noticed that my body adapts to workout easily then making much change in the body. so ill have to change the workout now. Maybe some other workout than Chloe's.
hmmm what else, no friends nothing life has become real boring now but it will be interesting soon, am trying hard to shoot good videos for YT channel lets see how far I can make it.