Fake It Till You Make It
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2021-08-25 23:20:45 (UTC)

Other Peoples Emotions

I can feel the emotions of the people around me, i have always been this way since i was a child, but i feel like this ability has only grown since I've gotten older, i could feel my dad's sadness when i hugged him just a little bit ago, i could feel my friends frustration earlier as well, when she felt like she lost something and couldn't find it.
I can feel the stress my mother is pretty much constantly feeling.
I can feel the grief that people feel when they lose someone they love.
and i think that it allows me to be compassionate, and relate to the people who are feeling the various things.
But it's also exhausting, because sometimes feeling your own emotions are exhausting, let alone feeling yours plus other peoples on top of it.

It's the end of August, and i couldn't be more happy.
I'm really ready to be though the month of September to if i'm honest, i'm kinda just ready for like October, November and December months like i'm ready for the cooler weather and long sleeve shirts and boots, and jackets, and my new hoodie, I'm ready for the pretty fall weather with the trees changing, i'm ready for all the holidays that fall in those last three months.
I think i thrive on having things to look forward to....
and sometimes i need to come down out of the clouds and realize that today is a valid day, and that there's nothing to say that the last three or four months of this year will be good.
like there's nothing set in stone basically, and that we should try to take things one day at a time....and enjoy life for the ins and outs and ups and downs that come with it... because even though i'm exhausted and i'm not really feeling very good and thankful and looking forward to things right now, doesn't mean that i shouldn't try to look on the bright side and i don't know i think there's something about the words and the energy you put forth into the world, into your own mind and life, that matters.
and hey if nothing else, fake it till you make it....and keep on going and hoping, all else.... is darkness.