If I die today
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2021-08-25 16:26:36 (UTC)

time to eat

Days are pretty uneventful. Tis morning I was less stuffy so the sinus rinse must have helped. I did turn the air purifier to the lowest last night. I feel like it were going to have the fans open I need to have it on something in case the smoke does come in. Shorter run today probaly close to 30min. Its about time to eat so this is a quick blurb. I have about 9$ a day to budget until the next payment but that should go well. I stayed within budget today althou tempting. The hands free dog leash arrived I think he will be comfrablee with it when first indroucing him he wasnt really eager but maybe using it more and more he will adapt quick I think. Possisablity nDea may have to work Satuday since a part may be coming in late not sure what that means about the fair. well dinner time so thats whats up today same same

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