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2021-08-25 10:25:26 (UTC)

The Reno Gym

Well, so far everyone's been nice to me at the gym. This morning was just as fun. Pretty good instructors too. One thing they're about is they're pretty laid back as if living in Hawaii. Hehe. Sorta a la-de-daa attitude. Must be the Reno air. I love it 😀

I cashed in my $1,000 ticket and placed a $200 bet on a UFC woman's match. If I win, I get my bet back of course and another $1,700. Do I know the fighter? Hell no. She was 850 but she won her last 5 in a row so why not? Gives me an excuse to come back here should she win. And its only $200 if I lose.

Kicking back at a restaurant at the Legacy hotel. Got my breakfast and its so humongous!!! What the heck do people here eat? It's enough for 2 1/2 people. I swear the slice of ham I got is almost like a 16 ounce steak. No one eats that much ham. Ugh....

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