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2021-08-25 21:59:13 (UTC)

too hot for ya??? well piss off!!

So i am attempting to write about food and at the same time be a judmental cunt and a racist. andddddd at the same time make perfect sense. which is an art i feel. slowly disappearing one i bet...

the idea came to me at dinner this evening. i was having some spicy prawn curry with rice. i have fond memories of my grandfather well into his old age sitting on the table to my right. he always had a few green chillies at his side. to munch on them like bugs bunny and his carrot. my uncle and aunt both love them spicy stuff. my father too. i am also fond of it and we all have our limits. when i have something spicy my nose starts running and i have a tingling feeling in my head. and yes mouth in on fire. i guess we all feel that. just to different degrees of heat. i enjoy feeling this sense of rush and discomfort. the food is tasty fuccckkk! now this is where my rant to these muggles comes into part....

take you white people. thanks to the media and movies the most common white dish out there and which just says you're white is mac and cheese. i can't think of anything more iconic. you see white people love white food. hahhaa. see what i did there. okay so then comes the rest of the east where you get the browns and the other shades of grey. take a trip south to the other side of the wall and you have them mexicans. and we all know the memes with mexican food and indian food and you whites who can't digest it. these both species eat spicy food. if you ever get to see the show chilli hunter do watch it. the australian dude travels world wide to taste them hot stuff. i've seen a few episodes where he had a tough fight in south east asia. those people know their peppers.

i have a theory why them super powers controlled the east to much. why the british fucked them indians for so long. for the spices. human settlements were formed on them spice routes. economies flourished.

every human child before it is enslaved to a religion decreeded by the adults has their sense of taste still developing. so you white mac and cheese eating deep frying fucks never ever ever introduce your offspring to anything remotely spicy in their growing up years. then when they have something which has very little spice guess what?? you white shitheads cant take the heat. and you make fun of the mexican and indian food being too spicy for ya. well guess what assholes. the food aint spicy. you are a bunch of sissiys thats what.

you travel to other countries where at a young age the offsprings are eating moderate spicy food. my uncles offspring both love spicy food and they are in their teens already. their tastebuds gets trained to handle it. when they come to the great murica and europe and see all them continental food they be like it's tasting like bland baby food. hahaha.

one of my least favorite foods is continental. and them dishes on masterchef with small ass proportions and a long ass name and and it punches a even bigger hole in your pocket. you google continental food and you won't find a bloddy spice in it. in india it's even worse cause these indian fuckers can't make anythign taste good if it ain't local. thats also why i don't like dinning in fancy places. the food is just got no flavor.

take a chapter from the book of them japs. they live to over hundred years old. have a look at their diets. no spices there too. but it's healthy. the west can be given kudos into making up some shit diets with some fucking stupid ass names and getting rich from the fools who actually go for it. . the japs, they are naturally lean. they are born smart. something the west wont ever have for them. not with the food they eat.


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