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2021-08-25 13:21:00 (UTC)

Wear Mast ? Plumbing work

Had appointment between 8-8:30 am for plumbing problems, Called and asked where they were at 0845, and they had me scheduled for 3-3;30 AM. When someone makes an appointment, and doesn't keep it, then I look for someone else. Maybe just a Two Hundred dollar job, but expect being on time as well. Found another person and said when can you be here. By 11:00 AM This one called before that time, and said he is on his way around 1015 am. Had work completed and now can relax till next job.

I was asked why I don’t take Covid and the mask situation seriously. I said that I do take the virus seriously. I believe there is a virus and that it is dangerous. But the people who are disseminating the information to us have a long, long track record of lying to and showing dismissive contempt for American citizens as a whole.
At one point, the disease was supposed to have a 5% death rate. The death rate has now been reduced to less than 1/3 of 1% worldwide. The truth is I’m not opposed to masks at all. Much like carrying a firearm, I don’t and won’t shame anyone for deciding to wear one or not. Sort of a “my body, my choice” situation I suppose.
However, when considering the trustworthiness of information coming from our politicians, I’ve been unable to reconcile the fact that 200,000 people protesting in the streets is met with little to no concern, but a bar, restaurant or hair salon with 10 people in it could be disastrous. The idea that a Trump rally of 18,000 people is a significant risk but a group of 20,000 students tearing down statues isn’t, leaves me perplexed.
Further, how could you possibly take anyone seriously who mandates that free citizens stay at home and wear masks in public but also calls for the acceptance of millions of immigrants entering our society illegally with no record of immunizations against more common and deadly diseases every day.
The truth is that our political “leaders,” just like with guns, drugs, our national debt or sex trafficking, have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about and no plan outside of what’s handed to them 6 seconds before they reach the podium.
So I choose to protect myself as I see fit. If anyone doesn’t like it, I’m ok with that. Just think of it as a “protest.” That seems to be ok with many people! Ok? Cool.

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