Experienced Life
2021-08-24 21:54:25 (UTC)

Wow!! Lots of flashbacks! 😖

Didn't realize coming back to Reno specifically Circus Circus brought out a lot of memories of the kiddos and the ex wife. Every fricking place I turned brought out a snapshot of the past. But I know what's going on in my head. This is normal. Snapshots of the past comes with emotions. I know what is happening and I know how to deal with this. It just comes up unconsciously and every memory from the past pops up. I don't fret I know it's normal. I know chemicals are being released or is trying to be released to reflect that uncomfortable feeling. But I'm thankfully aware of all this and I will move past this too.

I just wish I could repaint these scenes with newer memories but that isn't happening yet. So for now, I'll have to deal with these blasts from the past. I will overcome. There was this new person at the gym. Coach told us to team up with our friends. Unfortunately, I didn't know anyone here at this gym. I did see a lady and asked if she wouldn't mind I teamed up with her and her friends as this was my first day here. She replied by saying it's her first day too. lol. So yeah, we....bonded...the rookies. She's from here and I almost asked her to dinner. Then I thought for what? Not like I'll be here again for awhile so the point is mute. But guess what? She's a blond. Go figure. Seems like it's the year of the blond for me.

Anyway, I had an awesome steak dinner with some wine. All good for the day. I managed two workouts. One in the morning in Sacramento and the other here in Reno. I bet no too many peeps do that at the gym. I didn't eat anything all day except for this dinner. I wolfed it down pretty quick. Now I'm having a food coma shortly. Oh man.... I feel the sandman coming very soon and it's only 10PM. Good night for now diary. Thanks again for letting me clear the cobwebs from my mind.

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