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2021-08-25 00:35:43 (UTC)

My babies

It's 1.35am. I'm still up, still up because today I awoke and finally felt physically normal, filled with energy, not only in body but in mind too. I was switched on at light speed, didn't even need coffee. I took my vitamin D, and C and zinc pills. I did my daily concoction of boiled hot water, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, lemon juice, honey and apple cider vinegar (Power BOOST) and BAM! I was buzzing. Between work and sorting a trillion other rhings, I accomplished a ton of things today. All while my demonic cat, was excruitingly funny as fluff, and my daughter did household chores.

I teach my little lioness, life skills, financial know-how, worldly knowledge (and not only of this plain).....I teach her, what life really throws at you. Not the theories and paperwork and the work horse mentality of schools. Although, learning of science, history, culture, mathematics and English I believe is still very important. But I've never wanted her to only learn from the babysitters in schools. I am her first teacher, life mentor and unconditional love. I didn't believe in leaving education to raise her, infiltrate her only thoughts and direction in life. I open her mind. That's why I am Mother. The nurturer, keeper of her faculties, life support. Even when she is a grown woman. I will still be her pillar to lean on, cushion to fall, until my time to go. And even then, I'll check in on her. She is me and I am her.

I love being a mother. Her mum. I should have had more children. But I do have more, but they're in 'heaven' ....Three of my children I will meet again one day.

Nothing and no other love can fulfil the threads that bind a mother and her babies.

One day not so far away, I'll leave my wisdom with my daughter and see my other babies, over there. And look back to watch my daughter live a successful wholesome life built on happiness that is true to herself. That's my only wish. ❤