Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-24 23:34:45 (UTC)

Since last journal was more ..

Since last journal was more of a rant then a journal entry I decided to try again today I have no book didn’t get my new book yet

I tried putting glitter makeup on it turned out bad que rant

I’m trying to try those vegan lemon lavender cookies again like I mean make them again but I forgot granulated sugar idk if letting my vegan butter sit there is okay hopefully I’m doing okay
Hopefully it turns out okay

I don’t know if anyone understands me I think probably the answer is yes but today I question it because my therapist I feel doesn’t Completely understand me

I know I’m kinda a little depressed or something similar I just feel so tired and hard to distinguish what I like
Do I really like baking I find it fun bu exhausting and time consuming but I like the finished product and I like it if I make it come out okay it s also kinda fun to do it’s also time consuming a exhausting