If I die today
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2021-08-24 14:47:28 (UTC)


Dear Chole,
I'm proud of you and everything you've endured in life. I hear you and very sweet and kind. Sounds like you've had a lot of responibiblites since my big move. You've grown so much too. We do have some good little chats here and there thou. Its still been akward for me to seeing you as a teen. 7/8 years is a lot of time for a little girl to transform. I'm glad your becoming a wonderful young lady. Its hard to know what to say. Of course your rightfully entitled to be a part of anything about me if I should pass . I hope you grow strong and matur and in years to come you begin your own family. I hope you find a loving responible man who is a REAL man and that you live as 100percent woman and maybe even have the chance to be a stayathome mom or housewife. Maybe even if not maybe you can adopt or foster. You have a lot to contruibite with your own mind and opionions . Your sharp and wise. Theres so much hope and potential for you. May you feel loved and appreciated . At times it easy to feel over/underlooked by the world and rejection is everywehre and often it seems if your'e doing the right thing. During any "down "times just know you are loved. You were created by GOD on purpose for a purpose he knows you knows where you are and where you've been and He holds the answer to where you going. Stay strong in what you know is true and right in the choices you make. Pursue what is good and right always and share goodness with whoever wants it in your life. I love you very much sorry I cannot be physically there. This is a littel selfish but I believe I needed the move I made much more than i ever know I needed it. This time has been healing for me. So when Ithink of moving i think of the conquences of my own life. Who knows if a visit will come or not but please know your welcome and wanted in my life and I want to be in your life. love you

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