If I die today
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2021-08-24 14:33:19 (UTC)


Spectrum bill is here so I can pay that it is as exspected its due one day before the ssd check so might as well pay it tommorw. The bank adding both my balances as "avaible " in checking is really screwing me up . Also nDea's birthday is coming and I want to make him happy so I keep thinking of little extra things here n there but I've got a few weeks but shipping is a little slow and that one holiday in spet it just enough to make it late. Anyhow had a run today a little later since it was olny 60at 9ish its 80 now but cooler days no point in freezing did a workout video this morning will do one a little later outside is the plan when nDea plays his game. Had a tunafish salad for lunch and mostly been fruits for snacks today. For an afternoon snack I had peaches after the run I cant remebr what I had jsut before yogurt was for breakfast. I gotta loose weight man. Also eCarri is now thinking she wants to come the fair uhhsuprise suprise since nDea made plans for us and his daughter family to go so we can babysit the grandadughter while her parents do some rides. Yeah I'm pretty sure she just wants to go bc nDea is. Also I want to look good for nDea's bday. I can proably eat a little shy of 1000 calories a day and see some loss. Should really look into what my sestivites are thou a little more I'm sure I have some bloating but overall realistically this is the consquence of poor choices and eating habbits and perhaps laziness. Anyhow physcially nothing much going on new just been waking up stuffy a few days in a row which interest me . what makes a person stuffy why? Anyhow did a sinus rinse this afternoon will see how I wakeup tommorw. Went groceris shopping yesterday it was overwhelming just the people we went during a busy time also I wasnt prepared didnt have much input from nDea on what he wants/needs/ideas thought he did help a bit but was just an indecive as me. Then I tried to cook hamburgers for dinner and he wanted them seasoned this was mentioned after theyd been started and flipped then I put the cheese on and he said are you sure there done? Well at that point nothing I can do but let em burn on the bottom Im pretty frustrated and annoyed trying to figure out eating standards its like the way I cook/prepare eat most things isnt too normal standards for him and one time I put salt in the pan to cook a quesidilla and he said oh that too much salt cheese is salty well I'm makein freakin cheeseburgers how is that cheese not salty. I dont get it.Anyhow I jsut put myself in time out the rest the night. Its not him he's a gentleman I just am having trouble adapting I am free to cook my own food however I want noones forcing me to cook either its just I want to be able to . so Anyhow I'm less that 500 total in the bank apperntly so time to tighten up. otherwise not much to say/share. I have about 15min so thinking who I can write a letter too and i'm on C but no go for the C monster so thinking eChol day

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