Miss Misfit's Musings
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2021-08-24 20:05:16 (UTC)

Point of sale

I got sold today. The idea is just too good. Even I can see that - but why did it have to be yours and not mine? The older I get I acknowledge more of my flaws and failings and that is just not making me happy. Have I always been like this?
The more I think about this - the more I worry.
My spiral downwards seems like a guaranteed thing. Will I survive this descent?
Family wise things are just nuts. Unanimously everyone has decided to not address the elephant in the room. Someday it's going to bite us back and that day the blame game will start all over gain.
This is precisely why I don't belong in a family.
What will I do about the big M looming over my head? I don't know. I hate being the sacrifice on the altar of someone else's happiness. Maybe this is some kind of a carry forward from my previous lifetime - Did I like sell a country or something? I hate this ominous feeling.

T's cat ran away. Why bother with cats when dogs are loyal. It's like common sense and now does crying make it come back? I like cats but if you want a lasting relationship get a dog - please stop texting/calling me at all hours to crib and cry over it. I am not trying to be a bad support system here but I am unable to get my work done and I have classes at the crack of the dawn.

I hate that I am stuck at home - Corona just get lost. I am so done with you like two years ago. I hate that some people that I actually like are no more on this realm because of you. I want to be able to walk down the street without a mask and go buy an ice cream if nothing else.

I am going into a depression. Gah!

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