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2021-08-24 16:13:00 (UTC)

$900.00 in SNAP? WOW

‎Tuesday, ‎August ‎24, ‎2021

Oldman's Room
Well, guess I should have known that everything that was not taken care of over the many years of free money and free rent, I would find out about even more things that needed taken car of.
Sure enough the main bathroom has a bowl leak, how and why is not known, but sure does need fixing. Then gas leak or hose not longer enough to pull stove out in order to clean all the spilled, splashed food behind the stove. Called repair person and set up to repair on August 5, at $208.00. Oh well, maybe they want to see how much of their rent is being spent on keeping things clean, after all they no longer get any free money. Wow, just learned that Hershel and Leslie those married people with two kids, now gets $900.00 a month in Snap, in which they can sell for whatever, sure as hell know it can't be all used for food. Then again maybe it is.
Enough for today

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