My Boring Life
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2021-08-24 00:00:00 (UTC)

Hot New Neighbor

I've been wanting to start a diary for some time now but nothing worth writing about has happened, until yesterday.
Last night I looked out the window into the house that sits next to mine and saw a woman walking by. It was dark outside and I could easily see inside the house with no blinds or curtains on the windows.
She's cute, maybe late 20's or early 30's with pink hair! Usually I hate all the wild hair colors but she looks good. Not a bright neon pink but a soft rosey pink color. I'm divorced and not going to lie, I get a little lonely sometimes. Especially since my old neighbor buddy died a few months ago. I thought his house was gonna be vacant for a while bc it needs a lot of work but I guess someone decided to move in anyway. I miss my friend but I can't say I'm unhappy to see this hottie.
I sat and watched her unpack boxes for a little bit because I was bored and feeling a little nosey. She was wearing a tight hot pink tank top and these short neon green shorts .
Everytime she bent over to pick up something her little booty cheeks peeked out from under her shorts. Part of me felt kinda bad for watching her but I figured she had to know people could see inside.
A little while ago, I went over to her house to welcome her to the neighborhood and to let her know I could see into her house at night just in case she was unaware. I knocked on her door and could hear music blasting from inside the house. The door cracked open and blast of heavy metal music almost knocked me down. And then there she was. In a sports bra, overall shorts and her long pink hair was pulled into braided pigtails. Then she smiled at me, gave a little wave and was like " Hi!" So cute.

We started talking and I guess she is moving here from North Carolina. Her name is Pinky 🤣. I guess it fits because of the hair color. Her sexy country accent made me want to melt. She's so sweet and friendly. I guess her ex left her for another chick, I don't know how someone could cheat on this girl but I don't know her well enough to really say much.
Sadly, I had to tell her I could see into her house at night when the lights are on. She giggled and actually told me to enjoy the show!! She said she didn't realize anyone could see in and she hadn't really given it any thought but she's going to put them up as soon as she gets them unpacked. Oh well I'm a little disappointed but I did the right thing.
Now I guess back to my garden. I planted some pumpkin seeds a few weeks ago and I finally noticed a little pumpkin starting to form. Nothing else I planted really did all that well. I'm glad I don't have to grow my own food to survive because I wouldn't be doing well. I also refilled all of my bird and squirrel feeders and let the chickens roam free in the yard for a bit. Now, I might just try to get the old dirt bike going again. That's about all.

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