If I die today
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2021-08-23 15:36:20 (UTC)

busy day?

Today felt busy . Had a good run this morning about 30-25min total then an exercise video. Touched base with dshs no changes with the updates. Cleaned the bathroom did some chores same old same nothing too unusual but whatever. Anyhow trying to figure out my bank its hard now since they combine balances on both as my available so dum but they say its bc I have overdraft protection so nayhow having a hard time gaging my checking spending althou I know I'm still in the good makes my budgeting trickier. nothing unusual or super new. nDea made it home late for lunch so delayed lunch which delayed the nap and shower and so on so feeling that. Have to do grocery shopping later today. Idk it feels busy I opted out of an afternoon excersize video I mean I still want to loose weight but I felt rushed and I really really needed a shower sicne I had sweated in the morning run I wass beat yesterday so I didnt end up taking a later shower afteer a day in the shed. Anyhowshower was nessary. well I better go read I have very vague things to share today