Experienced Life
2021-08-23 14:00:53 (UTC)

Busy busy 😱

No morning gym today. Just too tired. I think the barbell squats put a hurt on me last Saturday. Right knee and right hip was a little pissed off at me this morning. No need to add more to the pain. Work was busy anyway so I got a head start on work. Mtgs all day but I took the rest of the week off after today so I can smile till close of business today. haha. I was able to poke around at the Reno shows this Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I believe there are some comedy clubs I can go to and that sounds like fun. Since I'm not staying the weekend, I won't get to watch the better Friday or Saturday night shows.

I created a spreadsheet of the stuff I need to pack. Gosh, even for a 2 night event, I got so much crap to pack. Gonna hit the gym in Reno 4 times. Tuesday night, Wed morning and night, and Thursday morning before I return home. I alway stop by this big sports shopping store called Cabelas. I love that store. If I recall, the rod/reel combo I bought from that place has caught me more fish than any other rod. hehe. They sell fudge too. Not sure if they're world famous fudge but since we don't have a Cabela's in Sacramento, it's always a must-stop place before heading home.

I got enough rest last night but I'm still groggy. Maybe it's because of the mental work needed at work is mentally draining. Gotta really think about what I do because one little mistake can cause a major outage. That'd suck. No time for a power nap too. Booked till 5PM today so I will have to attend the rowdy 5:30PM gym session but meh...I can hold my own so it'll be ok.