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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-08-23 18:19:22 (UTC)

In all it's painful ways, life is beautiful!

There is something very strange about how I feel today, and usualy when this hapends to me I start thinking about what is truly important in my life, or if I am using my time wisely or if I'm still doing things in a mideocre way. I know I'm to hard on myself, yet I want to do better than yesterday and sometimes I am frankly out of inspiration. Yet do feel motivated by the fack that is I don't do what is is I must no one will do it for me. I feel like am sinking in a ship that I myself built and had struggled to do so, I struggle to stay afloat. Yet somethings are out of my control such as my health. I don't want ti to be a block any longer. yet am I fooling my self to not go to the Dr. when I feel needed. I have no idea what to do. am so confused about me right now, that I will take this day to figure out what must be done in order to keep on moving foward with my story.
hope you all have a better week start and don't forget to smile life is beautiful in all it's painful ways.