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2021-08-23 10:46:58 (UTC)

Those magical 3 words.


Those three words are the key to good health. I just commected the dots and it all became clear to me.

From meditation. All the info out there on the topic all have a common fact hidden away. They all say focus on your breathing.

Martial arts, as a karate practitioner I know how important your breathing is. We have a whole set of exercise movements just dedicated to help you control your breathing.

Any sports, from sprinting to swimming. You gotta know when to inhale and exhale.

You lazy bastards get tired climbing a flight of stairs. Have you ever paid attention to how you are breathing while climbing? Running? Or even sitting on your lazy ass reading this. You gym going cunts ever focused on your breathing while doing your reps? If your trainer doesn't educate you on how and when to breathe then get a new trainer. That's like the first basic thing we are learnt in martial arts.

Breathing is an involuntary body function and just as your heart beat it continues till you die. I advise you mortals. Start to focus on your breathing and you will gain everlasting healthy life.