If I die today
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2021-08-22 18:24:52 (UTC)

low key

Nothing outstanding or new to report. Seems like a fair amount of sleep last night didnt actually budge from bed till 9 althou there was a few wakeups after 6ish. Anyhow spent some time oraganing in the shed with nDea but he did most the work. but it was HOTTTTT in there so I was feelin that. Right now not so smokey out enough to get a tickle in my thoat but overall Id be happy with this if this was the weather tommorw. Walked to dog this morning for around a half hour. Pretty much low key and what some people may see as lame but I'm allright. It that time of month when I spend my foodstamps so shopping grocery shopping is coming one day soon and I can be picky picky. I so faar of purchased 2 out of the I belive 7 maybe 6 itmes I plan for nDea's bday since the 2 excat itmes said there were the last ones and one of thme is the "big" gift so the main thing should be coming in time for that. so least theres something if all esle fails. I'm getting a little more strapped right now I think since my last purchase I am below 100 in checking but Im replinghsing tommrow by the end of the week should be done ordring for his birhtday and next month after my check I'll order moms bday gift I'm not as worried about hers being theere on the exact day . Anyhow nothing really going on in my mind or body thats remarkable

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