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2021-08-15 20:11:51 (UTC)

Prompt 125: The Next Movie Adaptations

125. In the 1990s, Peter Jackson directed the Lord of the Rings trilogy, bringing the classic J.R.R. Tolkien books to the screen. What classic work would you like to see turned into a movie? Who would you want to direct the film and why?

Unless it's a non-fiction book, I think 80% of everything I've read has been turned into a film or miniseries. One could look at that and say something like, "That's amazing! There are so many great stories to choose from!" The flip side of that is, "I really need to read more."

Other old sayings come to mind: "Life is boring only to boring people... Life is interesting only to interesting people."

I took one look at this prompt, then resolved to sleep on it for a night, and come back to it the next evening. So here I am, still wondering what film I'd like to have made, and who would be the captain at the helm. I'm still pretty surprised that I can't come up with one example. I scanned my bookshelf for some inspiration, and everything on it has either been done, or would be a poor choice - at least in terms of classic literature.

Looks like "Brave New World" was recently turned into a television series. By the looks of it, all the satire and comedy is gone. I'm not surprised.


...It's now three days later. Though it's a stretch to consider it classic literature, I suppose I'd have to settle on Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles." I did a little research and it looks like the books were signed for a series at the BBC, but that was over 10 years ago. In these days of Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and all other manner of network-limited series (one may call it "a network exclusive," but I beg to differ) this one would have been done already. Some network has done "Preacher" apparently. I've read those books but haven't watched the series. So if that was done then I'm sure someone brought The Invisibles to the table again. Besides, "Doom Patrol" was apparently done as well, and when putting the scripts together I suspect they skipped over Morrison's run with that series.

The truth is, I don't think I am inspired enough by contemporary film to see a story I've read be reinvented for a new release. I've lost interest in seeing what new films are out there, likely because I've been so let down by the new releases I've seen.

"Iron Man 2" and "Watchmen" convinced me I should stay clear of the superhero genre. I went on dates and saw the original "Suicide Squad" and "Captain Marvel" and wasn't persuaded to rejoin the fold. That said, there are several comic book stories that, while not considered "classics," are considered critically-acclaimed in the industry. As it happens, few of these are traditional comic book superhero tales.

For instance, I've read "From Hell" recently and thought it was pretty phenomenal, though I've not seen the film. I've read an intriguing spy series called "Zero" published by Image late last year, and ended up re-reading the 18-issue series earlier this month. I'm now re-reading "Kabuki: Circle of Blood" by David Mack. If this were a film, it would be like Bladerunner meets ninjas, directed by Quentin Tarantino. I think that would be interesting. Cerebus was on my radar for many years. I must confess I was more attracted to its art style than anything else. I don't think that would translate to anything remarkable were it made into a film or animated series, anyway.

Maybe Neil Gaiman could be convinced that The Sandman needs to be turned into a series of films? I suspect he's clinging to that property with all his strength. He likely saw what happened to Alan Moore's works, and decided that he'd rather not wither that particular way.

Is it time for another TMNT film? One with Jennika (AKA "the fifth turtle, and no the one introduced in the movies doesn't count"). Now that the property is no longer in the hands of Archie Comics, they've been able to explore some more interesting themes at their current publisher: Master Splinter's death, the introduction of Jennika, residents of an entire borough of NYC being transformed into mutant animals...

All these stories meet or exceed the bar set by television and film these last 10 years or so. Who's it gonna hurt?

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