2021-08-23 00:24:34 (UTC)

August Passing

40 days of mourning passed then we had to make a significant switch because my cousin's wedding was coming up. It was on the 15th, it was rather big, and everyone had a wonderful time. The actual ceremony was held on the 15th followed by a lavish dinner party but really there was also a week of events as part of the tradition. And then I was sick for the week after, leading us to this moment. It's not Covid because I had the test three times and they all came out negative. It's fever, continually. I wake up in the early hours of the morning shivering. I take a pill and it goes away but then there's another fit. Tomorrow I'm taking a blood test.

This is my most rushed entry ever. I've made notes throughout to write about the events that happened because some are genuinely worth remembering. But at the moment I'm still recovering; still weak to write everything but well enough to want to write SOMETHING.

But also, sometimes I'm faced with this page and I go completely blank.

Oh, and C texted.